Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Terminal to Poynt – Point of Sale Systems

Branded as the next evolution in business technology, the Poynt smart terminal is innovated to let merchants leverage the latest in payment methods without compromising security like never before. Featuring a built-in printer, hybrid and up to date card reader, and various automated connectivity options which aim to provide businesses with the flexibility they require, at a reasonable price. Buy & Sell products POS

To upgrade POS terminal to Poynt smart terminal offers a significant amount of advantages and benefits. Below are some of the reasons why.

New Payment Technologies

Poynt smart terminal is paving the way for smooth payment transaction via smartphone apps like Google Wallet, ApplePay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, NFC, EMV chip debit/ credit cards are which has become very popular today. With these modes of payment, customers can sensor on their mobile devices which is beneficial to both consumers and business owners. Ecommerce Platforms


Invaluable cash registers that simply accept all payments are now replaced with the technological advancement of Poynt smart terminal. Poynt offers a platform that can extract important demographic or transactional data and reconcile it with a centralized system to provide maximum management of the business, actionable insights and recommendations that can power your future business activities and decisions.

Quick Books Integration

Poynt smart terminal can be a boon to any business by integrating Quick Books. Using Quick Books’ custom-designed applications like Lightning Register, it accepts payment and automatically transfers all sales, receipts and employees’ time. This way you can be updated with your taxes, reduce manual entries by minimizing double entries, save your time from inventory tracking, easy payroll processing, and much more. With Quick Books, there’s no need to maintain cumbersome spreadsheets as it works seamlessly with your accounting software to help keep your books current, every day.

EMV/Chip Card Compliant

Since POS-related card fraud schemes are rampant nowadays, the migration to EMV standard-based chips is designed to make transactions more secure and traceable. However, constantly updating POS payment terminals with EMV technology can be quite tricky. The best way to ensure security measures is to invest in a Poynt system featuring Lightning Register which automatically upgrades hardware or software with every new innovative payment method. This way you can prevent an opportunity for card thieves and hackers to breach your POS system and protect your customers as well as your business from financial liabilities.

Built to Grow

The Poynt smart terminal has a growing list of accessories, this includes cash registers, cash drawers, scales, ticket printers, scanners, and other peripherals which are all designed to help retailers have maximum management on their business as well as achieve a rapid proliferation with ease. Confidential: How to proactively manage accumulations at the point of sale


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